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Overcoming the Educational Crisis in Texas

Educational outcomes in Texas are declining as the graduation rates for Texas high schoolers and university students trail behind the national average. High school dropout rates are a problem as well, and both of these issues are magnified for children in our area who belong to low income families.

SETX Insurance Services is announcing a regional campaign to provide scholastic support and guidance to young people in the Beaumont region attending high school and college.

Empowering Beaumont Students

SETX Insurance Services proudly announces that we are now recognized as Regional Ambassadors in the #AgentsofChange movement. During our campaign, we will be focusing on providing young people in Southeast Texas with access to resources that will help them succeed in school, as well as ensuring that community mentorship programs are in place to provide guidance to students facing difficult life challenges.

For this campaign to have a broad impact, we need your help.

Your Help is Important

The most important way you can be part of this campaign is to help us share our message. When you invite your family members or close friends into SETX Insurance Services for a free insurance consultation, we will also provide them with more information on our campaign to assist local schoolchildren. And for each person you invite, we will gladly make a contribution IN YOUR NAME to a local agency or program that offers support to children attending school.

Take Action!

If you care about the educational outcomes of children in Beaumont, this is your opportunity to take action and make a difference. We hope you join our team!


Martha Kapparis

SETX Insurance Services

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